frequently asked questions

Can I listen to LIVE RADIO on my iphone/ipod touch?Q

The app is available on Android devices, iPhone/iPod Touch and Blackberry. Please click the link >>here<<

Where can I find out more about upcoming programmes? Q
A calendar listing of our upcoming programmes can be found here. For more information on each individual programme, please go to the SCHEDULE tab and select your favourite programming cluster. Also, sign up for our weekly eNewsletters to receive highlights of our upcoming guests and interviews.
How do I search for podcasts?Q
Click on Podcast tab at the top of our website. Click on Find Podcast, and choose between a keyword search (for example, by guest or company) or other advanced criteria e.g. programme name, industry area, subject matter or audio.
Can I download the podcast and embed it on my website? Q
You may embed the podcast on your website, and we appreciate it if you could credit the podcast source to BFM. Our podcasts are solely for non-commercial use. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details on our media.